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This guide will explain how to import a multiple rows of values into a PowerPoint presentation using data markers. This assumes a basic understanding of data markers.


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In order to import multiple rows of data into a presentation, two conditions must be met:

1. The data source must contain multiple rows of data

2. The template must be designed to repeat a list entry, a table row, or an entire slide If both of these conditions are not met, then PowerPointWriter's automatic repeating behavior will not occur.

Data Sources

PowerPointTemplate has a single method for binding data to the data markers that are located in the template: PowerPointTemplate.BindData. Depending on the data source type and the number of rows in the data source, PowerPointWriter will either import a single row of data or import multiple rows by repeating sections of the presentation.

If the data source only has 1 row or the maximum number of rows to import has been set to 1, then PowerPointWriter will not repeat any part of the presentation.

Repeating a list entry or table row

Template Setup

If a data marker is in a list entry (i.e. bullet point) or table cell, the list entry/table row will be copied for each row of data imported into the presentation.

Data MarkerOutput
List entry

Table Row


Although no additional code beyond calling BindData is needed, PowerPointWriter will continue to repeat until all of the data in the data source has been imported. There are several ways to prevent data from flowing over the side of your presentation. See Fitting Data on to Multiple Slides for more information.

Repeating an entire slide

Template Setup

When repeating over an entire slide, the data markers do not need to be located in a list entry or table row.

In the notes section of the slide, add %%RepeatSlide. This is the repeat slide marker and it tells PowerPointWriter that you want to repeat the slide after reaching the maximum number of rows for this particular slide.


There can be additional text in the notes section, but %%RepeatSlide must be the first string of characters and must be followed immediately by a space. The marker and white space will be removed in the output file.


To set the max number of rows to import onto each copy of the slide, set MaxRowsPerSlide to 1. This will force PowerPointWriter to make a copy of the slide after repeating each row of data. It will continue to make new copies of the slide until all of the data is used.



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