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PowerPointTemplate provides an intuitive high-performance way to import database values to a presentation, but cannot otherwise modify a presentation at runtime. The PowerPointApplication object model allows you to modify additional aspects of the presentation at runtime.

You can take advantage of the features of both PowerPointApplication and PowerPointTemplate by using them together. For example, you can use PowerPointTemplate to open and populate a PowerPointWriter template, then pass the populated presentation to PowerPointApplication to modify document properties.

PowerPointTemplate to PowerPointApplication

To pass a presentation from PowerPointTemplate to PowerPointApplication, do not call PowerPointTemplate.Save. Instead, pass the PowerPointTemplate object to PowerPointApplication's Open method:

PowerPointApplication to PowerPointTemplate

To pass a presentation from PowerPointApplication to PowerPointTemplate, do not call PowerPointApplication.Save. Instead, pass the PowerPointApplication object, along with the Presentation object that you want to populate, to PowerPointTemplates's Open method:



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