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This sample demonstrates how to mimic mail merge behavior to create a photo gallery using PowerPointWriter.

The Data

The data for this sample is a file containing multiple images. The images will be programmatically added to a data table along with a description.

The Template

Our template presentation consists of a title slide and a content slide. The content slide will be repeated for each of our images.

h3. The Code

The code below uses ExcelApplication to extract the data from the Excel spreadsheet into a DataTable. This code is also used in the ExcelWriter sample, Excel to DataTable Sample. It then passes the presentation to PowerPointTemplate and binds the data. The code uses [MaxRowsPerSlide|DatabindingProperties.MaxRowsPerSlide] to ensure the data fits neatly in the presentation. See Fitting Data on to Multiple Slides for more information.


Below is one of the resulting slides from our output file.


* Images:
* Template: PhotoGalleryTemplate.pptx
* Sample output: PhotoGalleryOutput.pptx

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