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An OfficeWriter Word template is a Word file that contains merge fields. A merge field is a placeholder for database values. When the report is published, OfficeWriter will replace the merge fields with data from the database. The format of a merge field is:

For example, this merge field is a placeholder for values from the "Last Name" field in the data set returned by a dataset called "Employees":

The template shown below contains three merge fields.

To add merge fields for a dataset:

  1. Place your cursor in the document where you would like place the merge field.
  2. In the OfficeWriter Designer toolbar for Word, go to Merge Fields. This will display a list of the datasets available in this report.
  3. Go to the desired dataset and hover over the dataset name. The Merge Field Menu will become visible.
  4. Under Insert Merge Field, select the field you would like to insert.

Once you have added merge fields to your document, you will need to determine the import behavior for the dataset.

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