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These instructions are for reports designed with MS Query in Word. The OfficeWriter Designer does not provide a way to remove queries from a report that was designed with Report Builder or Visual Studio.

To remove a query from an OfficeWriter report:

  • Open the report file.

  • Click Merge Fields to retrieve the list of data sets for this report.

  • Select the data set that you want to remove. Under the Manage DataSet section will be the options to Edit DataSet and Delete DataSet.

    • These options will be disabled if the report was designed in Report Builder or Visual Studio.

  • Select Delete DataSet

  • You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the query. Click Yes to confirm.


Deleting a query will remove it from your report. However, it will not delete merge fields or formulas associated with the query. You must manually remove any reference to the query from your report or you will receive an error when you try to view your report.

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