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The Save to Disk dialog opens when you select OfficeWriter Designer .NET > Save > Save to Disk. It allows you to save your current RDL to disk and sets the format of the report when it is exported.

To save a copy of your report locally:

  1. Click Save on the OfficeWriter Designer .NET toolbar.

  2. Select Save to disk.

  3. Browse to the destination folder.

  4. In the file name field, enter a name for your report.

  5. From the drop-down menu, select .xls, .xlsx, or .xlsm. This will be the file format that is exported from Reporting Services when running the report.


    Just like in Excel, if your report contains Excel macros but you opt to save as .xlsx, which does not support VBA/macros, you will be asked if you want to cancel or continue saving without the macros.

  6. Click OK. If a report with the same name was already saved to the specified location, you will be asked to overwrite it.
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