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Before you deploy your report, save the report template locally.
  1. Click the OfficeWriter Designer's Save button and select Save to Disk. The dialog shown will open.
  2. Browse to the local destination folder for the template.
  3. Enter a name in the File name field.
  4. Make sure that the selected file type is Report Definition Files (Office 2007) (*.rdl) or Report Definition Files (Office 2003 or earlier) (*.rdl).


    You cannot save as Report Definition Files (Office 2007) (*.rdl) from Word 2003

  5. Optional: Enter your name and a report description in the Author and Description fields.
  6. Click Save .

Remember to use the OfficeWriter Toolbar Save button to save your report. If you use File -> Save from the Word Menu bar, you will not save the report information in your template.

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