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When OfficeWriter for Reporting Services is installed, there are default names for the OfficeWriter Excel and Word export options: Excel designed by OfficeWriter and Word designed by OfficeWriter.

This post covers how to change these labels to custom values. This approach will work with any of the rendering extensions - not just OfficeWriter.


These instructions assume that OfficeWriter for Reporting Services is installed. Instructions for installing the Reporting Services integration are available in our documentation: OfficeWriter Installation.

1. Go to <MS SQL Directory>\Reporting Services\Report Server.
2. Open RSReportServer.config.
3. Locate the ExcelWriter or WordWriter rendering extension declaration in the files <Render> node. If you have OfficeWriter for Reporting Services installed, there will be extensions for "XLTemplate" and "WordTemplate":

4. Add the following snippet to override the default extension name with your own custom label:

*Note:*The language attribute must be set with a language value that is valid on the report server computer. If not, any custom name specified will be ignored. In this example, Reporting Services is running on an English operating system, so the language value is "en-US".

5. When you are done, the extension declarations should look like this:

6.Save the file and restart Reporting Services for the changes to take effect.

The names should be the custom names specified in the config file:

For more information, please refer to the following MS SQL Server Tech Net article:

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