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After a report has been deployed to a report server, you can view it using the OfficeWriter Designer toolbar, or from Reporting Services Report Manager.

Viewing a Report with OfficeWriter Designer

  1. If the template for the report that you want to view is not already open in Microsoft Excel:

    1. Open Excel.

    2. From the OfficeWriter Designer toolbar, select Open Report > Retrieve.

    3. Navigate to the report definition file on the report server that you created with OfficeWriter and open it.

  2. Click the View button on the OfficeWriter Designer toolbar. The report will open in another Excel window.

  3. Click Close Report View to return to your template.

Viewing a Report in Reporting Services

You can also export OfficeWriter designed reports through Reporting Services Report Manager. To do this, open your browser and navigate to the Report Manager (usually http://<ReportServer>/Reports). Navigate to your report and open it.


What you see on the screen is not the report layout as you designed it in Excel using OfficeWriter. If your report was designed with MS Query, you will see a listing of the raw data returned from your report's queries. If the report definition was originally created with Visual Studio (or another tool) and modified with OfficeWriter, you will see the original layout, not the OfficeWriter layout.

To see the report as you designed it with OfficeWriter:

  1. From the report export options, select Excel designed by Officewriter.

  2. You will be prompted to save or open. To save the report as an Excel file, click Save. To view the report, click Open.
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