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Before you deploy your report, save the report template locally:

  1. Click the OfficeWriter Designer's Save button and select Save to Disk. The dialog shown will open.

  2. Browse to the local destination folder for the template.

  3. Enter a name in the File name field.

  4. Make sure that the selected file type is Report Definition Files (Office 2007) (*.rdl) or Report Definition Files (Office 2003 or earlier) (*.rdl).

    Note:*You cannot save as *Report Definition Files (Office 2007) (*.rdl) from Excel 2003

  5. Optional: Enter your name and a report description in the Author and Description fields.

  6. Click Save .

Remember to use the OfficeWriter Toolbar Save As button to save your report. If you use File -> Save from the Word Menu bar, you will not save the report information in your template.

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