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WordApplication Sample Code

These samples cover how to use WordWriter's WordApplication object. All of these samples require OfficeWriter Enterprise Edition to be installed.

WordApplication Code Samples

Form Letter Formatting

Generate a form letter with WordTemplate, then pass it to WordApplication to have formatting applied based on the user's selections.

Merge Documents

WordWriter allows you to insert elements from separate documents. You can use this functionality to copy/paste document elements into different files, or to easily merge Word documents. This sample demonstrates how to merge three different Word documents into one unified document.

Product Catalog Sample

An AdventureWorks Product Catalog with formatting, tables, lists, nested data, and images.

Sales Report Sample

Demonstrates usage of the WordApplication and WordTemplate objects together. Generates a nested-data sales report from AdventureWorks data.

Search and Replace

Demonstrates how to use regular expressions with WordWriter to easily search and replace text.

Setting a Watermark

Dynamically place custom watermarks on a Word document using the WordApplication object.

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