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This demo illustrates some of the formulas available for WordTemplate in OfficeWriter 4.1 and above.

While Microsoft Word provides a limited number of formulas, they are restrictive.  Specifically, Word formulas must be contained in a table, and must take either ABOVE, LEFT, or a list of values.

With OfficeWriter 4.1 and above, WordTemplate provides a selection of formulas that enhance Word's built-in formulas.  A WordTemplate formula is specified as a mergefield and has a special syntax:«=SUM(datasource.fieldname)». A WordTemplate formula operates on a column of values in the data source and can be placed anywhere in a document.  In OfficeWriter 4.1 and above, the following WordTemplate formulas are available:

  • COUNT 
  • MAX 
  • MIN 
  • STDEV 
  • SUM 
  • VAR 
  • VARP



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