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An 'undefined' page is any page that has been linked to from within Confluence, but that does not yet exist.

Undefined Page Linked From
BaseUnitValue Page: CategoryAxis.DisplayType (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
Basic ExcelApplication Tutorial Page: Passing ExcelTemplate to ExcelApplication (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
ExcelApplication.Create() Page: Workbook (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
ExcelTemplate.SetDataSource Page: DataBindingProperties (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
Font.UnderlineStyle (no attachments) Page: Font (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
Old Basic ExcelTemplate Tutorial Page: Passing ExcelTemplate to ExcelApplication (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
Page.Response Page: ExcelApplication.Save(Workbook, System.Web.HttpResponse, String, Boolean, String) (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
Page: ExcelApplication.Save(Workbook, System.Web.HttpResponse, String, Boolean) (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
PageSetup.CenterFooter Page: PageSetup (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
PageSetup.CenterHeader Page: PageSetup (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
PageSetup.LeftFooter Page: PageSetup (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
PageSetup.LeftHeader Page: PageSetup (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
PageSetup.RightFooter Page: PageSetup (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
PageSetup.RightHeader Page: PageSetup (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
Select Page: Worksheet.Select() (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)
Serializable Page: ExcelWriterException (ExcelWriter v9 Docs)