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Set the sheets that will be selected when the workbook is opened in Excel.



Array of sheet indexes or sheet names.


If an item in the array is not of type int or string; or if it does not correspond to a worksheet (i.e. specifies a name for a worksheet that does not exist, or an index that does not correspond to an existing worksheet position)


Each object in the array should be an int or a string. If it is an int, the worksheet at the specified position will be selected. If it is a string, the worksheet with the specified name will be selected.

If the array is empty, there will be no effect. The worksheets that were previously selected will still be selected.

The last object in the array specifies the worksheet that will be visible when first opened in Excel. The other parameters specify the worksheets that will be selected, but will not be displayed in the main Excel window when you first open the file.


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