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ExcelApplication Sample Code

These samples cover how to use ExcelWriter's ExcelApplication object. All of these samples require OfficeWriter Enterprise Edition to be installed.

ExcelApplication Code Samples

Basic Steps

This sample covers a wide range of basic ExcelApplication functionality. Excellent for getting started or brushing up on basic skills.

Basic Steps R1C1

Same as Basic Steps except all the formulas and references are in R1C1 notation.

Application to Template Sample

Create a template file for ExcelTemplate using ExcelApplication to write in data markers.

Template to Application Sample

Populate a template with ExcelTemplate and then programmatically manipulate or 'post process' the workbook with ExcelApplication.

Multiple Chart Report

Import data to an existing template with multiple charts. Manipulate existing charts with ExcelApplication.

Scatter Chart Report

See how to create Scatter Charts with ExcelApplication.

Two Axis Chart Sample

Create a chart with ExcelApplication that has two axes: primary axis and secondary axis.

Grouping and Subtotals

Add Excel's grouping and outlining functionality to a workbook with ExcelWriter to display nested data.

Data Validation

Define and apply data validation rules to cells with ExcelApplication.

Excel to DataTable Sample

Extract Excel data into a DataTable

Sales Commission Report

An example of a report created with ExcelWriter that compares previous year and year-to-date sales data for a sales team.

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