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The DataBindingProperties object contains the properties information necessary to bind data to an ExcelWriter template.

  • DataBindingProperties.MaxRowsSets or returns the maximum number of rows to be bound to the template file when the ExcelTemplate.BindData or ExcelTemplate.BindColumnData methods are called.
  • DataBindingProperties.TransposeSets or returns whether the data being bound to a template file should be transposed before being bound to the template using the ExcelTemplate.BindData method.
  • DataBindingProperties.WorksheetNameSets or returns the name of the worksheet to which the data will be bound during an ExcelTemplate.BindData, ExcelTemplate.BindCellData, ExcelTemplate.BindColumnData, or ExcelTemplate.BindRowData method call.

The ExcelTemplate object represents an ExcelWriter template spreadsheet.

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